We are thrilled to bring you various workshops throughout the year on many subjects relating to holistic health and yoga. Workshops are designed for in-depth study and understanding on a particular subject of interest. Please click on the links below for more information about the workshops.


Prajna Workshops

February 14, 2016      YOGA 101/Yiwen Chang – Part I

February 21, 2016      YOGA 101/Yiwen Chang – Part II

February 13, 2016    The Gift of Touch/Aska Yoshizu

March 5, 2016               Happy Hips & Hamstrings/Susan Morey

March 26, 2016            Yoga of the Voice/Lynn Kirkham ($20 Donations at venue)

June 18, 2016                 Yoga 102/Yiwen Chang – Part I

June 25, 2016                 Yoga 102/Yiwen Chang – Part II

 July 9, 2016                   Yin Yoga & Essential Oils/Megan Hansen

August 26, 2016            FREE HEALTH EVENT/Yiwen & Guests

August 27, 2016            FREE HEALTH EVENT/Yiwen & Guests

September 17, 2016    KUNDALINI YOGA 101/Imelda & Ian



(IMPORTANT NOTE: After you purchase workshop, please make sure you use the credit to book and register in the workshop you plan to attend. No refunds on workshops.)