Definition of Prajna: Wisdom that is based on the realization of dependent origination and the understanding of the true nature of all things. It is infinite wisdom that is not spoken and beyond any form and measure.




Prajna CenterĀ is the manifestation of abundant love, encouragement and support of many who believe in expanding conscious living and conscious movement on the Peninsula in the San Francisco bay area. We believe that as a true community that supports each other and fosters wellness, we not only commit to one of the most meaningful aspects of our journey in this life, we also collectively have the power to make our beautiful blue planet a better place for all.

Located in the charming city of Belmont on El Camino Real, near the city border of San Carlos, we created a peaceful space with the conviction to be green by using sustainable products, as well as recycled materials from local salvage yards.

Not only will one feel the inviting warmth upon entering our space, the energy exuded from Prajna Community Altar will captivate one into a place of both energetic expansion and quiet contemplation.


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