Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer.

1. What if I’ve never done yoga before?

Congratulations! Starting anything new is always an opportunity for learning and growth. While all of our instructors are skilled at offering classes to accommodate students of all levels, we recommend taking our Hatha or Yoga Basics for Beginners class to get you started and introduce you to the foundations. These classes offer a perfect introduction into the postures (asanas) and breath awareness (pranayama) practiced in all styles offer at Prajna. Within each class students are encouraged to modify poses and rest as much as needed to make the practice their own. Please read our class descriptions and ask any member of our team for advice about what styles would suit your needs best. We encourage you to come early (fifteen minutes before class) to introduce yourself and speak with the instructor regarding any recent injuries or any concerns you may have; the instructors are here to support you along your journey.

2. Which yoga class/style is right for me?

The best practice for you is the one that you enjoy. Our Hatha and Yoga Basis for Beginners classes focus on proper, precise alignment and mindful breathing to build a foundation for a regular, safe and sustainable yoga practice, our Vinyasa Flow classes integrate more upper body and core awareness and strength, these classes involve more skillful transitions and movement and build more internal heat in the body, strength and flexibility components are incorporated in every class, lastly our Ashtanga-Vinyasa class is a challenging class as we offer movement and breath, focus, stamina, discipline all blended together. Restorative Yoga is meditative and allows the body (muscles and joints) to gently release physical tension by holding stretching poses for longer periods of time, also freeing up our emotional state of being. Kundalini yoga is known as the conscious practice where students move to energize the body. Yoga Flow and Meditation is a blend of Hatha, Vinyasa and with a 10 min of guided Mindful Meditation at the end. You are welcome to attend any style and any class level, please be aware that both level 2 and 3 classes may be quite challenging and move rather quickly if you are new to yoga.

3. How do I sign-up for my very first class?

There are two simple ways. 1) Visit our “Class Schedule” tab and select the class you will like to attend. By doing so you will be directed to a window for you to create your account with us through MindBody. Follow the instructions step by step. Once you create your account, you will have access to select and purchase your option with us. After creating your account and submitting your payment, you can then pre-register for any of our classes. Please make sure you when you show up for class, you stop by our front desk and announce your arrival. 2) Show up in person 20-15 minutes before the class start and introduce yourself to the person at our front desk and they will provide you with our waiver and process your payment.

4. I want to pay for my friend but I’m not sure how?

Our registration software treats every student individually when it comes to payment. Therefore, you need to create an account for your friend. Following the steps in the answer above but under your friend’s account. Then when you are ready to submit payment, you can then use your credit card. Another option if you prefer to pay with check or cash is still create the account for your friend and then show up in person 20-15 minutes before the class and introduce yourself to the person at our front desk and they will process your payment.

5. What should I wear?

We recommend wearing light, breathable clothing in which you can move easily in. We provide all props — such as mats, chairs, blocks, blankets, sand bags, straps and bolsters — that you will need for class. We practice yoga barefoot, your shoes and personal belongings can be stored in the cubbies located inside in our lobby lounge. We have two comfortable size bathrooms that you can also use as changing rooms, but no lockers or showers.

6. What should I bring to class?

We recommend bringing a yoga mat, small towel and a reusable bottle of water to class. Purchasing a high quality yoga mat makes all the difference to your practice. We recommend the Jade or Manduka mats as they are slip resistant, provide excellent support for the joints, and are biodegradable. We also provide Jade yoga mats available for FREE, which students are responsible to clean and organize neatly back into the basket after is used. We accept all credit cards, personal checks and cash as forms of payment. You can also purchase packages online, by visiting our website and clicking classes or pricing.

7. What are the basic class etiquette?

• Reserve your spot in class IN ADVANCE through MindBody
• Arrive fifteen (15) minutes before the class start so we can settle in
• Stop by the front desk, make sure your name is in the class roster
• Turn off or Airplane Mode your cellphone
• If joining a class late, please be quiet, considerate and mindful as possible as not to disturb the class.
• Avoid using strong fragrances when coming to class
• Bring your own reusable bottle of water
• Return and nicely organize the props you use
• Clean and return the yoga mat you use
• Be friendly, kind and respectful with everyone, even yourself.
• Only leave early if you must and please inform your teacher ahead of time if you are not able to stay for the entire class.
• Remove your shoes before entering the yoga room.
• Observe silence during practice.
• Our space is for adults only.

8. How should I prepare for class?

• Try to drink a sufficient amount of water before class and avoid large meals up to three hours prior to class.
• Allow yourself to take breaks when needed or skip poses to make the practice your own.
• Lastly, don’t get discouraged, if you find yourself challenged let it be an opportunity rather than a barrier. Your body and your practice will change with time, just taking the time to take care of yourself is a huge accomplishment!

9. How often should I take a class?

For someone new to yoga we offer two different packages. A 4-Class Packages which allow you to stablish a weekly routine by coming to class once a week. Or an Unlimited Package which allows to explore different teachers, styles, times and dates of the week so you can find which class(es) resonate the most with you at this moment. It’s best to practice at least 3-4 times a week. However, with our busy lives it is often difficult to find the time to get to your mat. Be grateful for what you can do and be inspired towards greater goals and perhaps, consistent practices.

10. What are the benefits of yoga?

The gifts of yoga can be infinite, various and plentiful. On a physical level, your practice can aide in building greater strength, balance, breath awareness, flexibility and ultimately, greater health and wellness for your body. These elements can all complement or enhance your current physical activities, they can also alleviate tight muscles or assist in the recovery of an injury. On a mental level, the practice of yoga involves integrating mediation or meditative qualities, which can help clear the mind allowing you to be more present, calm and joyful with any circumstances in life. On a spiritual level, yoga encourages a process of inquiry and a connection to a deeper sense of self, which ultimately develops in a deeper sense of understanding, compassion and kindness towards ourselves and others; increasing our inner happiness.

11. What if I’m not flexible?

A common misconception of yoga is the need to be flexible in order to do the postures. Yoga may help you become more flexible (both physically and mentally!) but it is definitely not a prerequisite to practicing. The aim of practicing yoga is improved heath, strength, stability and happiness. With a consistent, safe practice suited to your body’s daily needs, you will notice increased flexibility over time.

12. Can I practice yoga with a previous injury?

Always tell your instructor of recent or prior injuries. The instructor can help you get the most out of your practice while being attentive to your injury. During class, focus on doing the postures within the limits of your injury and allow yourself the time and space to heal.

13. What are your membership/class package prices?

If you are new to Prajna Center you can take advantage our new student specials of either 4 classes for $40, or 30 days unlimited for $80. Either package is a great opportunity to try out all the different styles and instructors at Prajna Center. From here we offer class packages on a pay-as-you-go basis in various denominations (5 o 10), or you may purchase the monthly unlimited pass. Please visit our Pricing page on our website for more details and package expiration policies

14. How are schedule changes posted?

Any class changes (styles, times) will be posted on our “Class Schedule” tab on our website. An updated schedule including any instructor substitutions can be found in our online schedule

15. Do I need to be vegan in order to be part of Prajna Center’s community?

Of course not! We are a center that offers awareness towards a more peaceful and compassionate way of living by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Being vegan goes beyond what we decide to eat. Vegan/Veganism is a lifestyle that respect all living beings and also protect the environment with our daily choices. We respect, accept and welcome everyone as we all walk this path of life. However, if you are interested in learning more about this lifestyle and connect with a supportive local vegan community we will be delighted to have you and also join us on the last Friday of every month for our social gathering “100% Vegan Potluck”! You can RSVP online by visiting our “Events” tab in our website.

16. I have never meditated, can I still join a meditation class?

Absolutely! We offer and teach different ways to access and create the habit of a meditation practice. Some of our yoga classes starts and/or ends with a brief guided meditation practice. We also offer talks and workshops where we can go in more details as to different technics, methods and learn more about the practice and its benefits. Everyone is welcome to join any of our meditation sessions, as we all need to find some quiet-silence time to reset and re balance our mind and attention in this current overstimulated world.

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