A Daylong Blissed Out Somatic Retreat – August 16

Saturday, August 16 @ 1 PM – 7 PM

$85 pp ($100 after 8/10)   $150 for two ($180 after 8/10)

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Join us for a deeper exploration into the world of Contact Yoga and Thai Massage. We will offer a 3 hour Contact Yoga+Cacao Journey, a light h’ordeuvres break to open the taste senses, and end with a 3 hour Thai Massage class.

Anjuli Mahendra and Alok Rocheleau have developed a unique blend of partner stretching, contact improvisation, acrobatics, and Thai massage. Contact Yoga brings people together to explore trust, playfulness, and truthful connection.  There is a resonance that happens through touch that is beyond words, and involves a deep listening.   Exploring the play between structured conditioning and improvisational movement we open to greater levels of joy, freedom and presence.  Exercises range from dynamic balancing to therapeutic touch.

 The teaching is crafted to cultivate our body’s natural impulse towards ease and connection while exploring our edge.  The basic foundation of expansion is trust—both inner and outer. We cultivate an arc of trust, building up gradually to exercises that require deeper layers of trust and surrender. Expect to come away with tools that both strengthen and revitalize your body that you can practice with friends and loved ones.

 Deepening our listening skills through our somatic exercises creates space for authentic expression, release, resonance, and empathy. We’ll take these skills into our therapeutics section focusing on effortless Thai massage techniques that allow you to relax into both giving and receiving.

The underlying principles of Contact Yoga are communication, trust, and curiosity. Just like the dance of life, there will be challenges and blissful moments.These practices help us to engage more compassionately and truthfully with ourselves and our community, and have fun!