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About Us

Prajna Center is a conscious living center, offering classes, workshops, and events in Yoga, Meditation, and Veganism. Located in the charming city of Belmont, CA on the San Francisco Peninsula, Prajna Center is an eco-friendly urban sanctuary, providing our vast growing community with a holistic and conscious approach to a healthy lifestyle.  Previously known as Prajna Yoga & Healing Arts, Prajna Center was acquired and re-branded in 2016 by Yelitza Staley, whose primary passion and purpose is to create a welcoming center for anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their own well-being, through the practice of yoga, meditation and a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle; the three pillars for a peaceful, happy and balanced life.


We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of traditional yoga styles with the sole purpose of cultivating curiosity, enabling exploration, and inspiring inner growth. In fact, we focus so much on the inner self that we are one of the few studios in the bay area with no mirrors! All Prajna Center yoga instructors are all highly trained, qualified, and driven to improve your practice and your life. We are all humble students and practitioners looking to cultivate the basic principles and philosophy of yoga. We are a truly diverse community, made-up of compassionate humans who care for and support each other on the “wellness” path.


We are confident that a holistic approach to health is essential to living a balanced, vibrant, and empowered life. At Prajna Center, we believe every individual has the potential to manifest a healthy body and mind that enables even greater pursuits and passions in life, and we are dedicated and trained to help individuals realize this potential through the practice of meditation. Our schedule thrives on offering yoga classes that include guided meditation, but we also offer specific classes and workshops specifically for meditation. We are firm believers that the primary purpose of yoga is to prepare the body for meditation.


At Prajna Center, we embrace a vegan lifestyle that goes beyond nutrition. We are a “green” sanctuary committed to leaving the least amount of ecological footprint on Mother Earth. We promote compassion, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness, but we stand tough against violence and cruelty towards all living beings and the environment. We are activists in our own right, be it causes for human equality, the fair treatment of animals, environmental protection, high quality education, or simply living a healthy lifestyle. We offer workshops and events for those who are interested to learn more on how to embrace healthy habits that positively impact our minds, our bodies, and our planet.

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